Six on Saturday

I have not spent as much time in the garden as usual - getting older or bad weather or a bit of both.

My six:

The Propagator hosts this weekly Six on Saturday.  Is it just me or do you also like to find out what others are currently doing in the garden?

Spring Forward


If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need. Marcus Tullius Cicero

The accidental gardener
After a long and time-consuming career as a high school teacher, I reckoned I’d earned my retirement at age 60, although I was rather anxious about how I would fill my days.I had always preferred gardening to housework and enjoyed visiting gardens and stately homes, so I approached the RHS (Royal Horticultural Society) to offer my services as a volunteer gardener at one of their local properties. I was most surprised to receive a response informing me that if I wished to become a judge for Yorkshire in Bloom, a prestigious gardening competition for villages, towns and community areas, I should submit a short statement explaining why I considered myself to be a suitable candidate.This made me chuckle and even blush as I am the proud owner of a small, handkerchief sized plot of a garden but then it got me thinking.I had the skills of report writing as well as assessing and grading the work of my students against set criteria.Also I had a keen interest, one could e…


Over the years I have had a bash at this without much success.I’m not the hoarder portrayed in those television programmes, more that I have a “just in case” mentality. Recently, however, I’m having a really good go at it and realise that you have to feel ready to succeed, no matter what all the self help articles say.
Since retiring I have reconfigured my wardrobe, pruned my total number of clothes and thought carefully before purchasing new pieces.Now I can see at a glance what I have in the wardrobe, I wash and wear throughout the season and no one has ever remarked on how often I have worn a certain item.Some of the clothes were not “quite right” on me or perhaps the life style I aspired to and they had to go to the charity shop and maybe they suit someone else better.I haven’t been able to cull my collection of scarves and handbags yet. At my age, I have accepted that there are some skills I will never master and some pending projects which will never come to fruition so that paraph…

Highlights from 2017